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What to do in and around Crestone


What to do in the San Luis Valley (pdf)



Crestone Calendar of Events

Outdoor Activities

Great Sand Dunes National Park
Great Sand Dunes Online
Climbing 14ers:

Hiking Trails
More Hiking Information
Rock Climbing in Penitente Canyon
Mountain Biking
Wheeler Geological Area
Ice Climbing
Wolf Creek Ski Area
Monarch Ski Area

Special Activities with Children

Aligator Farm
UFO Watch Tower
Creede Mining Town
Wheeler Geological Area
Taos Pueblo


Spiritual Retreats

Camino De Crestone:
The great pilgrimages of the world—in India, Japan, Spain and England—are now joined by the world's first full inter-faith pilgrimage in the international village of Crestone. Amid Colorado's gorgeous country, a village unique in all the world beckons you to experience a full range of authentic 'paths of return'—the great traditions aspiring to their original inspiration. It all takes place of over seven remarkable days in just 40 kilometers...a complete package for $800, a tuition that is intended to make such a sacred journey very possible for you. Crestone’s Camino pilgrimage is offered in the spirit of religious unity and diversity. You will be visiting 15 different centers in a week-long experience geared to be educational, clarifying and, without being burdening or dogmatic, richly thorough. The Camino de Crestone promises to be an historic venture on your spiritual journey, life’s greatest of all adventures

Chamma Ling
Dharma Sangha - Crestone Mountain Zen Center
Little Shepherd in the Hills
Dharma Ocean with Reggie Ray (This center is within walking distance of our home)
Haidakhandi Universal Ashram
Temple of Consciousness
Karma Thessum Tashi Gomang Stupa (My favorite place to hike/bike to in Crestone)
Mangala Shri Bhuti
Shumei International Insitute
Spiritual Life Institute
Vajra Vidya Retreat Center
The Way of Nature Fellowship
White Jewel Mountain
Yeshe Khorlo
Dragon Mountain Temple
Rediscover Four Corners 719-256-4474
Shakti Sharnam
Sri Aurobino Learning Center 719-256-4917
The Nur Ashki Jerrahi Sufi Order 719-256-4290
Academy of On

Hot Springs

Valley View Hot Springs
Hooper Pool/ Great Sand Dunes Hot Springs 719-378-2807 - great for kids!
Joyful Journey Hot Springs
Ojo Caliente

General Information
San Luis Valley Vacation Guide

Crestone Visitor Guides
SLV Dweller


Crede Repertoir Theater
Santa Fe
Paul Winter Consort - Crestone Album